Safe is a Bangladeshi electrical appliance brand that has started its journey with a mission to ensure secured electrical products for all. Safe’s electrical products make life secured, comfortable and simply good. In Safe, we produce electrical appliances that do not only satisfy you in terms of quality but also guarantee your safety. Through rapid technological advancement Safe wants to create products that will benefit people and the society. Safe wants to utilize its superior technology to make the world as a safer and better place.

In accordance with Bangladesh governments mission to ensure secured electrification for all, Safe has emerged as countries safest electrical solution brand. Safe is committed to ensure secured all time freedom of electrification for Industry, Business Center and your Habitation.

The brands products are recognized for its quality, ease of use and innovative technology. Safe has countrywide retail Sales outlets with highly skilled and efficient technical personnel who are committed to provide superior services. Safe has a fully automated production facility where all the production process is carried out. Safe’s product design and development operations are takes place at its world class laboratory.